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Operation Refuge Inc. is a Nonprofit 501c3- headquartered in Inkster, Michigan, Our Mission is mobilizing collaborative efforts with philanthropy, business, grassroots community organizations and its citizens with the belief we are able to assist in creating an incredible future for all.

Operation Refuge is accomplishing some phenomenal things.  Join to see how we are fostering positive relations, teaching community responsibility and of course celebrating our youth along the way.

Are You Interested in Volunteering?

We are still looking for 20 people in 48141, 48218 and 48229 to help us remind voters to have a plan to vote that includes return ballots and getting out to vote. We are also looking for volunteers to join us in the next phone banking shift. Click the link below to sign up.

“Hope is important because it can make the present moment less difficult to Bear."


No one should go hungry during the COVID -19 pandemic.

With school closures, job disruptions, and health risks, many of community members will turn to Mother’s Pantry for our much needed support. We can’t do it alone and you can help.

1 In 5 kids faces hunger

1 in 5 kids faces

Volunteers are an integral part of Operation Refuge and we are incredibly thankful for everyone who has donated their time over the years to our cause. We could not do the work we do without our dedicated volunteers!

Mother’s Pantry is Inkster’s only client choice food pantry. A “client choice” food pantry is a model of emergency food distribution that enables clients to select their own food, much like a grocery store. Unlike most pantries, which provide clients with fixed boxes of food with no ability to select the items included, client choice pantries allow clients the ability to choose from a wide variety of foods. This effectively helps clients to meet their personal dietary needs.

Camp Inspire, a STEAM program for girls in 5th-12th grade, is dedicated to meeting the need for quality educational programming. We aim to create rich, engaging experiences for our youth. We offer high-quality activities that stimulate curiosity and creativity, which includes educational enrichment, cultural arts, career education and community service. Additionally, we provide opportunities for caring relationships to form between young people and adults.

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Operation Refuge 27717 Carlysle St. Inkster, MI 48141 +313-551-4043 Customer Support Wednesday &Thursday 10:00 a.m –

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Operation Refuge 27717 Carlysle St. Inkster, MI 48141 +313-551-4043 Customer Support Wends & Thurs 10:00 a.m

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Operation Refuge 27717 Carlysle St. Inkster, MI 48141 +313-551-4043 Customer Support Wednesday &Thursday 10:00 a.m –


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27717 Carlysle St.
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